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American Photonics  |  SKU: RLA-16-650nm

American Photonics Mirror Alignment Tool for Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine

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Care information

High care information about CO2 laser lenses, fiber laser protective windows, and
fiber laser lenses is essential to ensure the optimal performance and longevity
of these critical components in laser systems. Here are some key points to consider:

CO2 Laser Lenses:

Regularly clean CO2 laser lenses to remove dust, debris, and residue. Use a
soft, lint-free cloth or lens cleaning tissue. Avoid using abrasive materials
that may scratch the lens.

Always handle CO2 lenses with clean hands or lint-free gloves to avoid transferring oils or contaminants onto the lens surface.

Store lenses in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment to prevent damage and
maintain their integrity.

Properly align CO2 lenses within the laser system to ensure efficient laser
beam delivery and focus.

Regularly inspect lenses for signs of damage, scratches, or deterioration.
Replace any damaged or worn lenses promptly.

Laser Protective Windows:

Clean fiber laser protective windows with care to avoid scratches. Use a gentle
cleaning solution and a soft, lint-free cloth.

Keep protective windows in place when the laser system is not in use to prevent
contamination and damage.

If protective windows become damaged, replace them immediately to maintain
laser system safety and performance.

Fiber Laser Lenses:

Clean fiber laser lenses carefully to prevent damage. Use a lens cleaning
solution and a soft, lint-free cloth or lens tissue.

Handle fiber laser lenses with care to avoid fingerprints, oils, or scratches
on the lens surface.

Properly align fiber laser lenses to ensure accurate laser beam focusing and
efficient performance.

Regularly inspect fiber laser lenses for signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Replace any compromised lenses promptly.

Environmental Considerations: Be mindful of environmental factors such as temperature and
humidity, as extreme conditions may affect lens performance.

maintaining high care and attention to detail when handling, cleaning, and
storing CO2 laser lenses, fiber laser protective windows, and fiber laser
lenses will enhance their longevity and contribute to the smooth and reliable
operation of your laser systems. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines
and best practices for each specific component to ensure optimal results.

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Where Precision Meets Quality: Buy with Confidence.
Our CNC Fabrication and ISO Certified Excellence Ensure the Best Product at the Best Price.

American Photonics Mirror 3 Alignment Tool for Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine  

*The newer OMTech K40+ uses a different alignment tool than the K40. The K40+ uses the 16mm tool and requires this adaptor, sold separately.

**The newer OMTech AF heads use the 16mm tool and require this adaptor.

Extra AG3 batteries are included, however we recommend purchasing more to have as backup. Add 20 more for only $2.00!

Are you seeking a quicker and safer way to ensure precise lens head and mirror alignment for your Co2 laser cutter and engraving machine? Look no further than the American Photonics Mirror Alignment Tool, available in 12 different sizes.

Why Choose Our Alignment Tool?

Precision Alignment: Achieve perfect alignment effortlessly. Our tool is designed to make the alignment process a breeze, ensuring your laser system operates at peak performance. 🎯

3rd Mirror Alignment: Unlike conventional methods that focus on the Z-axis of travel, our alignment tool allows you to align the 3rd mirror directly to your lens, reducing alignment complexities. 🪞

Always-On Red Laser: We've integrated an always-on red laser into the tool, significantly speeding up the mirror 3 alignment process and enhancing safety. 🚀🔴

Exact Center Representation: The reverse alignment tool precisely represents the center of your lens at 90 degrees +/- 3 minutes perpendicular, minimizing any deviations. 🎯📐

Complementary Alignment: While the tool streamlines mirror 3 alignment, It can also help to get mirror 2 close when it is necessary to reposition the mirror holder. Please note that it does not replace the scorch method of aligning mirrors 1 and 2. 🔄

Whether you're a professional in the industry or a hobbyist, our Mirror Alignment Tool is designed to simplify your laser system's maintenance and ensure optimal performance.

Brand System Alignment tool 
Aeon AEON Mira series 25mm RLA
Aeon AEON Nova series
AP Lazer AP Lazer 1812 17mm RLA
AP Lazer AP Lazer 2616 17mm RLA
AP Lazer AP Lazer 2816 20mm RLA
AP Lazer AP Lazer 3024 20mm RLA
AP Lazer Ap Lazer 4024 20mm RLA
AP Lazer AP Lazer 4836 20mm RLA
Bescutter Bescutter 25mm RLA
Bescutter Bescutter dual head 21mm RLA
Bescutter Bescutter Star5 5236 Lime green 25mm RLA
Bescutter Bescutter RGL-M-5236  24mm RLA
Boss Laser Boss 1630 20mm RLA
Boss Laser Boss 2440 20mm RLA
Boss Laser Boss 3665 (Dual head) 20mm RLA
Boss Laser Boss 4055 20mm RLA
Boss Laser Boss HP 5595 Dual head
Boss Laser Boss LS-1420 20mm RLA
Camfive Camfive 21mm RLA
Camfive Camfive MC x 84
Camfive Camfive 21mm RLA
Epilog Epilog (TW120)
Epilog Epilog (HT880)
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum P24 19mm RLA
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum P20 19mm RLA
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum P36 22mm RLA
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum P48 22mm RLA
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum 3D muse 20mm RLA
HL Laser HL laser 1060 960x600 
Laguna Laguna PL1220 19mm RLA
Laguna Laguna EX 2440 150 watt 22mm RLA
Laguna Laguna MX 100 watt 22mm RLA
Laguna Laguna smart shop EC 24mm RLA
Laguna Laguna EC 24mm RLA
Omtech K40 40 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech K40E 40 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech K40+ 40 watt 16mm RLA + adaptor
Omtech Polar 50 watt
Omtech MF-1220-50 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech MF-1624-55 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech MF-1630-70 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech AF-2028-60 watt (old version) 16.15 RLA
Omtech AF-2028-60 watt (new version) 16mm RLA + adaptor
Omtech MF 2028 - 60 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech AF-2028-80 watt 16.15 RLA
Omtech AF-2028-80 watt 16mm RLA + adaptor
Omtech MF-2028-100 watt 16.15mm
Omtech AF-2435-80 watt 16mm RLA + adaptor
Omtech MF-2440-80 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech ZF-2440 - 100 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech ZF-3551 - 100 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech ZF-3551 - 130 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech AF-3555-130 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech AF-4063-150 watt 25mm RLA
Omtech AF-5070-150 watt 25mm RLA
Orion Orion 100 Watt
Others Leapion 25mm RLA
Others G.Weike LC1325M 150 watt
Others GWEIKE 1390 22mm RLA
Others Red Sail Laser 700 21mm RLA
Others MornTech 90 watt 24mm RLA
Others Rabbit Laser 20mm RLA
Others Razor
Thunder Laser Thunder Nova series 21mm RLA
Thunder Laser Thunder Odin 32
Trotec Trotec  
Trotec Trotec Flex
Universal Universal
Voccell   Voccell Laser 22mm RLA

Product Details:

📏 12 Sizes available form 16mm to 25mm🔌 Compatibility: Suitable for various mirror and lens sizes 🔋10 batteries included

Enhance Your Laser System's Performance Today!

Invest in the American Photonics Mirror Alignment Tool and experience quicker, safer, and more accurate mirror alignment for your Co2 laser cutter and engraving machine. Ensure your laser system delivers the precision you demand.

🔗 #LaserAlignment #MirrorAlignment #Co2LaserCutter #EngravingMachine #PrecisionAlignment #SafetyFirst #AmericanPhotonics

Disclaimer: American Photonics is your trusted partner for laser components and accessories. Our products are designed to enhance your laser system's performance. While we strive to provide accurate information, please note that actual product details may vary.

🛠️ Instructions for the Reverse Alignment Tool - Installation

Step 1: a- Remove the lens tube and insert the reverse alignment tool. b- Align mirror #3 on the head to mirror #2 on gantry (both near and far until the red dot does not move).

Step 2: a- Mirror #3 should be perfectly aligned! b- Lock it down, and do not touch the adjustment screws again!

Step 3: a- Align mirrors 1 and 2 conventionally.

Step 4: a- Reinstall the reverse alignment tool. b- Put tape over the laser entry hole on the laser head. c- Mark a target spot where the red dot hits the back side of the tape. d- Remove the alignment tool.

Step 6: a- Move the laser head to the farthest point away form the laser tube and pulse the laser marking the tape on the laser head. if the marked spot and the burn spot are not in the same location it will be necessary to make the final adjustment by moving the laser tube.

Your alignment is complete!

You may find an issue with your machine during this process: the four corners of your gantry may not be level.

When aligning mirror #3, please bring it to the front of your machine and then move it to the back.

If the alignment of your lenses is not perfect, your gantry is not square.

You will need to adjust the four corners of your machine to get your gantry square first. 📏🛠️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great product, better service

This is a must have tool for laser alignment. They answered questions before the sale . Service and shipping was outstanding.

Alexandru Pop
Waste of time and $$$

This tool was recommended to me to be able to align my CO2 laser but it is a waste of time.
1 - the battery lasts about 15 min, so be prepared to spend much extra on battery.
2 - when o was finally done with the alignment, despite the fact that the laser beam went all the way to the center of my CO2 tube, when i send a burst from the CO2 tube, it was way off.

I would not recommend wasting your time and $ on this.

Thank you


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