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American Photonics wants to be your business partner for life!

We manufacture high quality infrared laser optical components and are located in Sarasota, Florida. 

Our quality is superior and our prices are better than any of our competitors!

We are looking for loyal distributors worldwide! 
Do not miss this opportunity!     

We produce lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms and optics, as per customers' designs. Utilizing soft crystals from many exotic materials and provide most replacement optical parts for OEM's like Amada®, Bystronic®, Cincinnati®, Mazak®, Mitsubishi®, Trumpf® and others!

Points of Contact

American Photonics Headquarters

Address: 6621 19th Street East 
                  Sarasota, FL 34243
Email: sales@americanphotonics.com
Phone: (941) 752-5811

Phone Number - Call US

Customer Service - Distributor Support

Sales Account Manager - International Account Manager 
Natalia Pereira 
Fluent in: English, Portuguese and Italian
email: Natalia.P@americanphotonics.com

Sales Account Manager - Domestic Account Manager
Lou D’Alessandro
email: Lou.D@americanphotonics.com 

Customer Service:
Lisa Kuzniczci
email: Lisa.K@americanphotonics.com

Financial Manager
William Landers
email: William.L@americanphotonics.com


Still have a question?

(1)Click on the Picture to Download the File with Reference Price List. Those list are just a sample with high volume Part numbers. American Photonics has more than 8000 part number for immediately delivery.

(2) American Photonics can change any price at any moment without informing the distributor channel, check with your sales account manager the current price on a RFQ by email.

(3) Manufactured by automated CNC technology 100% made in USA.

Disclaimer: All parts advertised for sale are made by or for American Photonics.

Amada(R), Bystronic(R), Cincinnati(R), Mazak(R), Mitsubishi(R), Laserlab(R) Laserdyne Prima(R), Precitec(R), Strippit(R), Trumpf(R) and any other trademarks not owned by APC are registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated. APC is an independent site and company that is not affiliated with above-named manufacturers and the use of the names, trademarks and part numbers is for reference, identification and compatibility purposes only.

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