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Return Policy

Return Goods Policy

 Our Return Goods Policy is as follows:

  • Items acceptable for return: 

  1.  Items returned within a 10-day period from date of shipment, with approval email from the APC sales department and the APC financial department
  2. Items ordered or shipped in error - approved by email
  3. Defective parts - after APC manufacturing inspection and approval.  We stand by our quality and we know our product is good and almost 100% defective free, but if happen, we will check and accept the return.
  •  Items returned after the 10-day period (from the date of shipment) falls under the Old Inventory Rule:

 A standard handling and restocking fee of 30% of returned goods cost, or $30.00, whichever is greater.

  •  Items not acceptable for return are:

  1. Discounted items
  2. Standard items that have been modified
  3. Special parts
  4. Damaged or used items
  5. Inventory more than 6 months old from the date of shipment
  6. Broken packaging
  •  Item return authorization is required:

You must have a RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION (RMA) code from American Photonics before you return items. To obtain RMA Codes, please contact your sales manager, or customer service at (941) 752-5811

APC does not accept returns in the month of December.


Returned goods meeting all criteria will result in a credit issued to the customer's account, exclusively applicable for future purchases; American Photonics does not provide cash or credit card refunds, and often, a gift card will be established for online store use to redeem the credit.

American Photonics (APC) warrants its products to the original end user for the periods listed below:

  • Lens and Mirrors: 30 days after the shipping date
  • Nozzles and accessories: 45 days after the shipping date

This limited warranty specifically covers manufacturing and material defects and is not applicable to consumable products. If the customer damages the product, upon inspection, American Photonics will charge back the customer with an additional shipping and handling fee if the damage is found to be caused by the customer.