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Which lens kit should I purchase for my 80W OMTech CO2 laser system?

To select the right lens kit for your 80W
OMTech CO2 laser system:

Measure Lens Diameter: Begin by
measuring your lens diameter, a crucial factor for kit selection.

Lens Diameter to Kit Mapping:

If you have an 18mm lens use the 16.15 kit

If you have a 20mm lens use the  25mm Kit

Verification: Confirm the kit
needed by measuring the bottom tube diameter under the 3rd mirror.

For help, contact us at or

Remember, accurate kit selection ensures
optimal performance. For details, consult your system's manual or reach out to
OMTech customer support.

I have an OMTech 60W laser and I'm in search of a 2.5” lens. What should I get?

If you own an OMTech 60W laser system and are nterested in a 2.5” lens, consider the following options:

18mm Lens Option: Your OMTech 60W system uses an 18mm lens. For a 2.5” lens, you should select the LM-18-Z-63.5-ET2.0-DBAR

16.15mm Kit Option: Alternatively, you can opt for the 16.15 kit, which includes
the 2.5” lens along with other lenses. This kit is compatible with your system and offers versatility.

Ensure that you choose the option that best aligns with your requirements. If you need further assistance or have
questions, feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance.

For personalized advice, you can contact us at or
Your satisfaction is our priority.

Remember, selecting the right lens enhances the performance of your system. For additional details, consult your system's manual or contact OMTech customer support.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please follow these steps:

Cancellation Request: If you wish to cancel your order, kindly send an email to or

Include Order Details: In your email, please provide your order number and any relevant information to help us locate your order quickly.

Timely Cancellation: Please note that we can accommodate order cancellations before they are shipped. As most orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt, it's important to contact us as soon as possible.

We understand your situation and will process your request promptly. For any further assistance or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

Thank you for considering American Photonics. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to assist you.

I have an OMTech 60 2028 with an 18mm lens in a 24.54mm nozzle/housing. What size do I need to order?

Based on the information provided, if you have an OMTech 60 2028 with an 18mm lens installed in a 24.54mm nozzle/housing, you should consider ordering the  16.15 kit

It's important to match the lens kit to the appropriate lens and housing size to ensure optimal performance. The 16.15mm kit is recommended for use with an 18mm lens and is likely to be the suitable choice for your configuration.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the right choice for your laser system.

For personalized guidance, you can also contact us at or We value your satisfaction and are ready to assist you.

Which lens and mirror replacement do I need for my Mira 9 100W laser?

For replacing the original lens and mirror in your Mira 9 100W laser system, please follow these recommendations:

Lens Replacement: The "Mira" line of lasers, including your Mira 9 100W, typically uses an 18mm diameter lens. Therefore, you should consider purchasing an 18mm

lens as a replacement for the original lens that came with your laser.

Mirror 3 Replacement: To replace mirror 3 in your Mira 9 100W laser, you will need a 25mm

Make sure to select a mirror that matches the specifications of mirror 3 in your laser system.

Where can I buy a set of red and black mirrors for my 60W Preenex (OMTech) laser?

To purchase a set of red and black mirrors for your 60W Preenex (OMTech) laser, follow these steps:

Mirror Size: The Preenex (OMTech) laser system, with its red and black design, uses a 25mm.

This is the size you need to look for when purchasing replacement mirrors.

Mirror Sets: We offer mirror sets in packs of 3, which should provide you with the replacements you need.

Ordering: To place an order for the red and black mirror set, you can visit our website or contact our sales team directly.

For online orders, please visit our website and navigate to the appropriate product category for laser accessories. Look for the 25mm mirror sets available in packs of 3, specifically designed for the
red and black Preenex (OMTech) laser. Add the desired quantity to your cart and proceed with the checkout process.

If you prefer direct assistance or have any questions, you can reach out to our sales team at or We're here to ensure that
you get the right mirrors with the correct design for your red and black laser system, and that your order is processed smoothly.

Thank you for considering American Photonics for your replacement mirror needs. We're committed to providing you with the best products and service for your red and black Preenex (OMTech) laser.

I have an OMTech 80W laser with a 16.15mm tube. I'm interested in the kit with 4 tube lengths. 16.15mm 4 lens kit What else do I need, considering I already have the red dot reverse lens alignment tool?

It's great that you're looking into the kit with 4 tube lengths for your OMTech 80W laser system. Since you already have the red dot reverse lens alignment tool, here's the information you need:

Tube Size Compatibility: Your OMTech 80W laser system with a 16.15mm tube requires the same size kit for alignment, which is 16.15mm.

Kit with 4 Tube Lengths: You can order the kit with 4 tube lengths, designed to fit your 16.15mm tube. This kit includes the necessary components to enhance your laser system's performance.

Discount for Existing Alignment Tool: As you already own the red dot reverse lens alignment tool, you can avail yourself of a $30 discount when ordering the kit without the alignment tool. To proceed with this option, please call our sales desk. Our team will process your order manually and ensure you receive the kit without the alignment tool at the discounted price.

For personalized assistance, questions, or to place your order with the discount, please reach out to our sales team by phone. You can contact us at [941-752-5811]. We are here to assist you and ensure you get the best value for your purchase.

Thank you for considering our products for your laser system. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to providing you with the components you need for optimal performance.

I need a 2” lens replacement for my Thunder Nova 51/100 laser. Which one do I need?

For your Thunder Nova 51/100 laser, you'll need a 2” lens with a 20mm diameter.  This is the appropriate size, commonly used for laser systems like Thunder Nova.

For ordering or more information, please contact our sales team at 941-752-5811 or via email at

Thank you for choosing American Photonics. We're here to assist you in getting the right replacement lens for your Thunder Nova 51/100 laser.

I have a Thunder 35 laser and one of the lenses got scratched. Can I replace just the lens, or do I need to buy the whole lens tube?

You can usually replace just the scratched stem tube lens on your Thunder 35 laser, rather than buying the entire lens tube with nozzle. If you initially ordered the lens tube with the nozzle and air assist valve, you could simply replace the stem tube with the correct focal distance lens. You don't need to replace the nozzle, only the tube with the correct focal distance lens.

For the right replacement and to ensure compatibility, please contact our sales team at 941-752-5811 or email
us at

Thank you for choosing American Photonics. We're here to assist you in getting the correct replacement part for your Thunder 35 laser.

I'm looking for beam combiners for my Thunder Laser 100W. Can you provide information about them?

For your Thunder Laser 100W, you can find suitable beam combiners that match your needs. Many low-power systems, including your Thunder Laser, typically use a 25mm Beam Combiner.

We offer a convenient solution: a mounted beam combiner that allows you to attach the beam combiner to the mount without stressing the lens. This approach helps maintain optimal performance and durability.

To explore available options, learn more about our mounted beam combiners, and ensure you're getting the right fit for your Thunder Laser 100W, please contact us via email at or reach out to Lou directly at

Thank you for considering American Photonics for your beam combiner needs. We're here to provide you with the solutions that enhance your laser system's performance and efficiency.

I want to order two items for shipment to Canada. How long will shipping take, and what are the costs? Are there any extra charges? Thank you.

We offer international shipping, including to Canada. When you place your order in our online cart, you can choose from various shipping options based on your location and budget. Shipping times to Canada will be provided at checkout, and you'll see the associated costs for each shipping method.

Please note that any potential extra charges, such as customs duties or taxes, may apply depending on your country's regulations. We recommend checking relevant customs information for Canada.

Thank you for considering our products. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I'm looking for a 190 lens assembly for an Amada Ensis 3015 fiber laser. Can you provide this product?

Yes, we now offer Fiber lenses, including the 190 lens assembly you need. For more details and to discuss your requirements, please contact You at For sales inquiries, reach out to our sales team at You can also explore our Fiber Laser Lenses collection here: Fiber Laser Lenses Collection.

Good morning. I'm new to the laser game and need help finding a spare lens for my Thunder laser. Can you assist me?

Good morning! Certainly, we're here to help you find the right spare lens for your Thunder laser. Thunder lasers use a 20mm diameter lens, and we offer this diameter in various focal distances to suit your needs. Additionally, the 21mm kit, which includes multiple lenses, is also compatible with the Thunder laser system.

I have an Omtech MF2028 60W laser and I'm looking for a 1.5mm lens. Any suggestions?

For your Omtech MF2028 60W laser, you have a couple of options for a 1.5mm lens.
The system uses an 18mm diameter lens or the 16.15mm kit. You can purchase either the 18mm diameter lens directly, or you can choose the LS-16.15mm 38.1mm lens from the kit. Alternatively, you can consider getting the 3 or 4 lens kit, which includes the 1.5” lens along with other lenses.

I made a mistake in my order and need to correct it. Can I cancel or edit the order?

Absolutely. If your order hasn't been shipped yet, you can change or cancel it by contacting our sales staff via email at For orders that have already been shipped, you have the option to refuse the shipment, and it will be returned to us. Alternatively, you can request an RMA number by emailing Lou at Upon receiving the incorrect item, we'll issue a gift card for the item's amount (please note that shipping charges are not reimbursed).

I have an OMTECH 60W laser and I'm looking for a 2.5” lens. What should I get? Also, do you know which Beam Combiner I would need for an OMTECH MF2028-80?

Your OMTECH 60W laser system uses an 18mm lens. For the 2.5” lens, you need the 18mm 63.5mm focal lens or the 16.15mm kit, which includes the 2.5” lens along with other lenses, to ensure optimal performance.

As for the OMTECH MF2028-80, most low-power laser systems, including all OMTech systems, use the 25mm Beam Combiner. This should be the suitable option for your OMTECH MF2028-80 laser.

I need a video or something that shows how to properly clean your lens.

Certainly. We have a comprehensive video tutorial available on our website that demonstrates the proper way to clean your lens. You can access the video tutorial by clicking on the following link:
Lens Cleaning Tutorial Video

For effective cleaning, we recommend using either Acetone or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) along with a Q-Tip. This method ensures the optimal maintenance and longevity of your lens.

What focal length should I choose for different laser tasks like engraving, marking, and cutting?

Each focal length lens serves a specific purpose:

1.5” Lens: This lens is ideal for achieving finely detailed engravings due to its small spot size. It's perfect for intricate and precise designs.

2” Lens: The 2” lens is suitable for engraving and can also handle thin material cutting. It strikes a balance between detailed engravings and basic cutting.

2.5” Lens: This lens is versatile, suitable for engraving and cutting materials up to about 0.25” in thickness (depending on wattage). It's often used for applications like Tumblers and Wine glasses that require both cutting and engraving.

4” Lens: While not the best choice for engraving, the 4” lens excels at cutting thick materials. It's well-suited for heavy-duty cutting tasks

I have a K40 machine and I'm looking to upgrade some parts. Can you provide guidance on the lens, mirror, and alignment tool I should consider?

Certainly! For your K40 machine, here are some options to consider:

Lens Options: You have a few choices for lenses. You can opt for the 12mm lens, the K40 nut with nozzle, or the 16mm kit adjustable lens with the adapter. Each choice offers different benefits, so you can choose based on your specific requirements.

Mirror Selection: The K40 machine uses a 20mm mirror, and we offer them in packs of 3. This provides you with a convenient option for maintaining and replacing your mirrors as needed.

Alignment Tool:
There are two alignment tool options for your K40. You can either choose the K40 alignment tool that screws under your mirror assembly, or you can go for the 16mm kit adjustable lens with the adapter. The 16mm adapter not only helps with alignment but also allows you to upgrade to 16mm stem tube lenses in the future

I'm interested in high-power CO2 laser lenses for cutting metal. Can you provide information about these lenses?

Certainly! High-power CO2 laser lenses designed for cutting metal are available in two categories based on wattage:

Standard Absorption (<.20) - Under 4K Watts: For laser systems with a wattage under 4,000 watts, you can use lenses with the standard absorption level of less than 0.20. These lenses are optimized for effective metal cutting.

Ultra Low Absorption (<.15) - Over 4K Watts: If your laser system operates at over 4,000 watts, it's recommended to use lenses with ultra low absorption or high power, with an absorption level of less than 0.15. These lenses are specifically designed to handle the higher power and demands of cutting metal efficiently.

When choosing a lens for cutting metal with high-power CO2 lasers, it's important to consider the wattage of your laser system and select the appropriate absorption level to achieve optimal results.