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APC LensPro for Omtech Polar / Gweike Cloud Magnetic Lens Upgrade

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Care information

High care information about CO2 laser lenses, fiber laser protective windows, and
fiber laser lenses is essential to ensure the optimal performance and longevity
of these critical components in laser systems. Here are some key points to consider:

CO2 Laser Lenses:

Regularly clean CO2 laser lenses to remove dust, debris, and residue. Use a
soft, lint-free cloth or lens cleaning tissue. Avoid using abrasive materials
that may scratch the lens.

Always handle CO2 lenses with clean hands or lint-free gloves to avoid transferring oils or contaminants onto the lens surface.

Store lenses in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment to prevent damage and
maintain their integrity.

Properly align CO2 lenses within the laser system to ensure efficient laser
beam delivery and focus.

Regularly inspect lenses for signs of damage, scratches, or deterioration.
Replace any damaged or worn lenses promptly.

Laser Protective Windows:

Clean fiber laser protective windows with care to avoid scratches. Use a gentle
cleaning solution and a soft, lint-free cloth.

Keep protective windows in place when the laser system is not in use to prevent
contamination and damage.

If protective windows become damaged, replace them immediately to maintain
laser system safety and performance.

Fiber Laser Lenses:

Clean fiber laser lenses carefully to prevent damage. Use a lens cleaning
solution and a soft, lint-free cloth or lens tissue.

Handle fiber laser lenses with care to avoid fingerprints, oils, or scratches
on the lens surface.

Properly align fiber laser lenses to ensure accurate laser beam focusing and
efficient performance.

Regularly inspect fiber laser lenses for signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Replace any compromised lenses promptly.

Environmental Considerations: Be mindful of environmental factors such as temperature and
humidity, as extreme conditions may affect lens performance.

maintaining high care and attention to detail when handling, cleaning, and
storing CO2 laser lenses, fiber laser protective windows, and fiber laser
lenses will enhance their longevity and contribute to the smooth and reliable
operation of your laser systems. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines
and best practices for each specific component to ensure optimal results.

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Our CNC Fabrication and ISO Certified Excellence Ensure the Best Product at the Best Price.

APC LensPro for Omtech Polar and Gweike Cloud

This lens upgrade makes daily lens cleaning a snap.

Magnetic lens and lens tube upgrade

You will need:

-Our magnetic lens/nozzle tube.

-A lens mounted into a magnetic Stainless Steel holder.

-Our copper nozzle.

Our 2" copper nozzle can replace your original plastic nozzle, but it is 4mm shorter.

Buy the 3 piece bundle and save 10% !!

We Appreciate Your Valuable Feedback !!!

Introducing the APC LensPro for Omtech Polar: Elevate Your Laser Lens Care!

Get ready for precision and clarity like never before with our latest offering: the APC LensPro for Omtech Polar. We're thrilled to introduce this game-changing lens care solution to enhance your laser machine's performance.

Download the height gauge. click the links below

Height Gauge cut files for APC LensPro

Focal length testing for the APC LensPro

Key Features:

1. Dual-Component Design: The APC LensPro is a two-part solution comprising a precision-mounted lens, and a magnetic tube for effortless removal and cleaning. This dynamic duo ensures a seamless and efficient lens maintenance process, making it easier than ever to keep your lens crystal clear.

2. Omtech Polar & Gweike Cloud Compatibility: Tailored exclusively for these laser machines, the APC LensPro is the perfect companion for your equipment. It's engineered to meet the unique requirements of your laser, guaranteeing a perfect fit and exceptional performance.

3. Prolonged Lens Life: Regular cleaning is essential to extend the life of your laser lens. The APC LensPro simplifies this task, helping you maintain a clean lens surface for longer-lasting, high-quality laser work.

4. Enhanced Precision: Clean lenses are vital for precise laser cutting and engraving. With the APC LensPro, you can trust that your Omtech Polar machine will consistently deliver outstanding results.

5. User-Friendly Design: Say goodbye to cumbersome lens maintenance. The magnetic tube allows for quick and hassle-free lens removal, and the sturdy construction ensures protection against accidental drops or damage during cleaning.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your lens care routine and elevate your laser machine's performance. Invest in the longevity and precision of your Omtech Polar laser machine with the APC LensPro. It's your dedicated solution for keeping your lens in top-notch condition, ensuring that your laser projects maintain the highest standards of clarity and accuracy.

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Here's a detailed description of why you might choose a 2.0", 2.5", or 4.0" Focal Length (FL) lens, along with examples of materials and applications for each:

2.0" Focal Length (FL) Lens: Precision in Detail

The 2.0" FL lens is akin to a magnifying glass for your laser, focusing the beam to a tiny pinpoint spot. This precision makes it ideal for intricate and detailed engraving tasks where accuracy and fine details matter most.


  •  Jewelry Engraving: Create intricate designs on precious metals with unparalleled precision.
  •  Small Text Marking: Perfect for marking small text and intricate patterns on various materials.
  •  High-Resolution Engraving: Achieve high-resolution engraving on materials like wood, acrylic, and leather.

2.5" Focal Length (FL) Lens: Versatility Meets Depth

The 2.5" FL lens strikes a balance between depth and precision, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of engraving and cutting tasks. It offers increased focal length compared to the 2.0" lens, allowing you to work on thicker materials without sacrificing too much precision.


  •  Glass Engraving: Ideal for engraving on glass surfaces while maintaining excellent precision.
  •  Rubber Cutting: Provides a versatile solution for cutting rubber materials with precision.
  •  Fabric Marking: Perfect for fabric engraving and marking applications.

4.0" Focal Length (FL) Lens: Power for Thicker Materials

When you need to engrave or cut through thicker materials or require a more extended focal point, the 4.0" FL lens is the answer. It offers a more extended focal length, making it suitable for tasks that demand extra depth.


  •  Deep Engraving: Ideal for deep engraving on materials like cardboard and acrylic.
  •  Cutting Thicker Materials: Easily cut through thicker materials such as cardboard and foam.
  •  Cylindrical Objects: Use it for engraving and marking on cylindrical objects.

Choosing the right FL lens depends on your project's specific requirements. Whether you're crafting intricate jewelry, creating signage, or customizing promotional items, understanding these FL options and their applications will help you achieve the desired results. Remember that while these guidelines are helpful, experience and experimentation will also play a role in refining your laser engraving and cutting techniques. Upgrade your lens, and elevate your laser work to new heights of precision and excellence.

Need help understanding your laser lens specs like Focal Length (FL), Diameter (Dia), or Edge Thickness (ET)? Our blog has you covered! Check it out here: Choosing the Right Co2 Lens Blog for quick and easy insights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews


Dan McHugh
Super quick and easy cleaning my lens now. Don’t wait to buy this. It’s a game changer.

You won’t be sorry if you pull the trigger on this. Quality gear for your beams!

Savannah Barrass
Great lens!

Cuts so much better than the OG lens and was very easy to install! Very happy with my purchase :)

Jill June
Happy Customer

Great product. My laser never cut better and o east to maintain.


Works like a dream and cuts so much better than original lens. I just wish it didn't use stock nut and air assist nozzle and had their own better pieces.

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