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Elevate Your CO2 Laser System with UltraMaxR Hard Coat Mirrors: Unmatched Performance and Precision

Elevate Your CO2 Laser System with UltraMaxR Hard Coat Mirrors: Unmatched Performance and Precision

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Optimize Your CO2 Laser System with UltraMaxR Hard Coat Mirrors: Unparalleled Performance and Accuracy

Are you in search of a game-changing solution to enhance the performance of your CO2 laser applications? Look no further than American Photonics' newest innovation: the UltraMaxR Hard Coat Mirrors. These cutting-edge mirrors are meticulously designed to elevate your laser system to new heights, delivering unparalleled reflectivity, exceptional durability, and superior performance. Discover the future of CO2 laser optics today, available for purchase exclusively at

Unleash the Power of UltraMaxR Technology

At American Photonics, we recognize that mirrors are at the heart of every CO2 laser system. That's why we've engineered the UltraMaxR mirror series, a breakthrough advancement that sets the gold standard for laser optics. Crafted to accommodate CO2 application lasers with a power of up to 10kW, these mirrors stand out with their exceptional reflectivity and minimal absorption.

What truly sets UltraMaxR mirrors apart is our revolutionary "green technology" coating. This innovative coating boasts enhanced abrasion resistance and durability compared to conventional Zinc Selenide (TRZ etc.) based coatings. This translates to not only better resistance to contamination buildup but also an extended optic lifespan, ultimately leading to reduced maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency for your laser system.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

One of the standout features of the UltraMaxR mirrors is their remarkable resistance to intra-cavity ultraviolet light and ion bombardment. This unique characteristic makes them exceptionally well-suited for high-power resonators and external beam delivery applications alike. By minimizing power loss and optimizing power delivery, UltraMaxR mirrors empower you to achieve precise and efficient laser cutting, unlocking your laser system's true potential.

To cater to a range of requirements, we offer multiple coating options:

  • Standard Coating (UMR): Reflectivity >45% for 633nm - Ideal for intra-cavity and external applications where high visible diode reflectivity is not a primary concern.
  • Enhanced Coating (UMRE): Reflectivity >75% for 633nm - Versatile and well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Technical Excellence and Precision Engineering

Our commitment to technical excellence is reflected in the meticulous specifications of our UltraMaxR mirrors. Available in various sizes, ranging from 5mm to 150mm in diameter and 1mm to 50mm in thickness, these mirrors exhibit exceptional flatness, parallelism, and surface quality. Achieving optimal performance at a λ/20 Power and λ/40 Irregularity of 10.6μm, UltraMaxR mirrors adhere to stringent Mil-C-48497A standards, ensuring durability and exceptional quality.

Upgrade Your CO2 Laser System Today

Embrace the future of CO2 laser optics with the UltraMaxR Hard Coat Mirrors from American Photonics. Elevate your laser system's performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness all at once. Whether you're in need of mirrors for Amada®, Cincinnati®, Bystronic®, Mazak®, Mitsubishi®, Trumpf®, LVD®, HanKwang, or other laser cutting systems, our collection includes both zero-degree and 900 (retro-retarder) mirrors to perfectly match your requirements.

Experience the transformative power of UltraMaxR mirrors today and unleash the full potential of your laser machines. Browse our exceptional product range online exclusively at Upgrade your CO2 laser system with the precision and performance of UltraMaxR technology, only from American Photonics.

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