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The best brands in history always have the best attitude - STAY STRONG! NEVER GIVE UP!

The best brands in history always have the best attitude - STAY STRONG! NEVER GIVE UP!

Ana Walters |

April 2, 2020
Greetings from American Photonics,

During very difficult times, we find out who our real partners are for life or the ones who are just with us because it’s convenient or profitable.
American Photonics wants to be your business partner for life!
The Coronavirus will impact ALL companies, which will bring about very difficult times: loss of revenue is inevitable; production will be affected and products will be difficult to find.
The best brands and the best companies in history always have the best attitude and most reputable conduct.
Optics, lenses and nozzles are extremely important to many small and medium businesses in the USA and around the world.
Unfortunately, many suppliers, based on supply and demand, are INCREASING their prices. America Photonics wants to contribute and is doing the opposite: we are DECREASING our prices!
The APC team hopes our distributors will do the same for their end users and we want to start a positive impact that will help businesses keep running.
APC stock levels are high and most of the laser optics & replacement parts you may need, can be shipped out immediately! 
American Photonics is now and always will be your best partner to provide the replacement parts you need, in the time frame you expect!
Please contact our Account Managers, Lou and Julio, and ask for our new “survival prices” ( special for High Power )
Best Regards,
Ana Walters, CEO
American Photonics
6321 19th Street
Sarasota, Fl 34243, USA

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