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Buying Products from Other Manufacturers is more Expensive than American Photonics

Buying Products from Other Manufacturers is more Expensive than American Photonics

Ana Walters |

When it comes to infrared laser optics, American Photonics has marked a solid reputation itself for designing and manufacturing top-quality solutions for all industry segments. Though we also offer other things, our core business is producing CO2 laser optics, including CO2 engraving cutting lens and CO2 laser mirrors for high power, low power distributors, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Buying products from other manufacturers are way expensive. American Photonics’ USP is providing cost-effective replacement options for laser equipment offered by OEMs.

How we are Cost-Effective
American Photonics manufactures CO2infrared optics using Computerized Numerical Control or CNC! We are one of the only 3 companies around the world doing that at present. Using CNC allows us to produce a radius surface much faster and cheaper than a plane surface. Manufacturing meniscus lens cost less and it becomes easier to produce a higher quality product. The efficient use of competitively priced raw materials with a continuous and concentrated focus on quality, control, and customer satisfaction helps us deliver an outstanding crafted and cutting-edge product with top-quality at an affordable price.

American Photonics was created to Provide Budget-Friendly Laser Optical Solutions
The whole idea behind starting American Photonics or APC was to provide the best replacement options to customers who want high-quality products but are not able to — or not interested in — paying the high prices charged by the top OEMs in the industry, such as Amada®, Bystronic®, Cincinnati®, Mazak®, Mitsubishi®, Laserlab®, Laserdyne Prima®, Precitec®, Strippit®, Trumpf®, and others. American Photonics takes great pride in its CO2 laser lens made in the USA and other replacement parts that are compatible with most OEMs in the market.

Whether you need consumables, replacement parts, or torches for cutting, welding, brazing, and heat treating applications, look no further than American Photonics for quality and cost-effective solutions!

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