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ZnSe Buy Back

Buy Back Program

American Photonics is offering a credit for all qualified used Zinc Selenide High Power lenses or free disposal of stressed Zinc Selenide.

Due to its hazardous material regulations, all Zinc Selenide products must be disposed of properly.

All lenses shipped to APC will be inspected for stress. Stress may result from spatter, over pressure or over-tightening while mounting. Any lenses found to be free of stress are eligible for our Buy Back program and will receive credit for these items.

All stressed lenses will be disposed of at no cost to you.

It is easy to participate in our Buy Back Program.  Just send us your lenses and we will do the rest. 

Proper handling and packaging is important and will reduce the possibilities of cracking and chipping during shipping. Please use proper materials and care when shipping items.

If you do not have proper packaging, please contact us and we will assist you.


Call for more details.