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Lens vs Lens Tube - What's the difference?

Lens vs Lens Tube - What's the difference?

Ana Walters |

American Photonics don't feel you should ever touch your lens. That's why we've developed an easier, cost-efficient way to replace and clean it without dropping it, or getting the oils from your fingertips on the lens.

It's a simple process: Just slip the stem tube in the hole under the 3rd mirror, set your focus and hit the run button!

However, notice that your regular lens diameter is NOT the same as the tube diameter.

To find out the right size, you just have to measure the outside diameter of the tube that fits in the hole under your third mirror. 

The lens is suspended in the tube by glue for stress-free optical focusing.


Technical Information: 

APC holds a +/- .15mm(.006") tolerance on focal length on all of our lenses.

The the distance to from the front of the nozzle to the perfect focal point is 10.5mm (the same as a AAA battery).

Please allow us to mount your lens for you to the highest standards, in the best possible environment.

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 By Natalia Pereira

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