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Title: Unleashing Laser Power: American Photonics' High-Power Infrared Optics

Title: Unleashing Laser Power: American Photonics' High-Power Infrared Optics

Ana Walters |


American Photonics leads the charge in delivering cutting-edge solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Custom Design Projects. With a focus on precision infrared laser optics, we manufacture lenses, mirrors, windows, domes, and optical assemblies for a wide range of applications. Our expertise spans from complex optical assemblies to technical components used in laser radars, missile guidance, medical radiology, aerospace, and more. With over 75 years of manufacturing knowledge, we are your go-to partner for high-power infrared optics, proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Innovative Design and Manufacturing:

At American Photonics, we handle production and coating in-house, allowing us to maintain stringent quality control and offer competitive costs. Our state-of-the-art coating machines and design assistance ensure that we cater to your custom optical needs with precision and expertise. Whether it's cavity optics, tight tolerances, or extensive documentation, we strive to exceed your expectations and remain fully compliant with industry standards.

High Power CO2 Laser Optics:

American Photonics is your direct source for a broad range of optics designed for CO2 laser cutting systems.

Our products adhere to OEM specifications, including leading brands like:

-  Amada®,

- Bystronic®

- Cincinnati®

- Mazak®

- Mitsubishi®

- Trumpf®

- Precitec(r)

- Many others

With over 75 years of manufacturing expertise, cutting-edge technology, and reliable performance, our solutions are trusted by customers across the industry.

Ultra-Low Absorption for High Power Systems:

For laser systems up to 500 watts, our continuous improvement and investment in coating technology have led to absorption rates lower than 0.20%. This ensures better performance, stable focus points, enhanced cutting quality, and longer lens life. For systems over 500 watts, our High Power coated lenses offer absorption rates of less than 0.13%, providing maximum focus stability, lower thermal distortion, improved cutting performance, and longer lifetimes. Ideal for cutting thick or reflective materials like aluminum, copper, or brass, these lenses redefine the potential of high-power laser systems.

Ultra-Low Absorbing Lens Technology:

Our specially coated zinc selenide (ZnSe) focusing lenses, available in 1.5" and 2.0" diameters, boast ultra-low absorption, with typical absorption rates below 10% and a total guaranteed absorption of <=0.13%. These lenses offer exceptional dimensional tolerance and edge thickness variation, ensuring precision in laser applications.


American Photonics stands at the forefront of high-power infrared optics, revolutionizing laser cutting and marking applications across diverse industries. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we provide unbeatable solutions that empower your projects to reach new heights. When you partner with American Photonics, you gain access to advanced technology, tailored design solutions, and the assurance of precision and reliability in every optic we deliver. Let us be your trusted partner in enhancing the power and precision of your laser systems. Contact us today to experience the American Photonics advantage.

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