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Letter To Our Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Community

Letter To Our Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Community

Ana Walters |

Dear Customer,
This year of 2020 has been quite the year so far. We have all experienced new challenges while learning to adjust to a “new normal” with each passing day. As things continue to progress and change in each of our individual lives and company environments, our team here at APC – American Photonics – remains tremendously proud to be able to say that we are a part of the optics community and we feel like we are helping others in these difficulty times.
We would like to thank all our employees who continue to provide the critical work needed to continue supporting our company and our customers during these demanding and difficult times. We thank our suppliers for their continued support during these times to ensure we remain prepared to accomplish everything. Most of all, we would like to thank all our customers for continuing to entrust APC –American Photonics – with your optical needs.
Life as we know it may never be the same again, but we are all doing our best to adjust to this “new normal”, while continuing to navigate through changing waters each day, and we appreciate that you are all still here and choosing to have a continued partnership with APC - American Photonics. 
Best Regards,
Ana Maria P. Walters 
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American Photonics will be OPEN on July 3rd to help our customers and keep our employees working.
For over 2 decades we have been proud to say that we are an American company.
"Made in the USA" is not just a tag line for us!
We will be taking this time to celebrate the pride we have in being an American manufacturer in the best way possible: working!
During this unprecedented world-wide shut down, American Photonics has been proud to work on the front lines for our country- building custom optics for both the military and medical industries. We are proud of our contribution and our customers contributions toward advancement for a better future.  
Our unmatched quality and service has enabled us to participate in some incredible projects – leading our optics to be built into aircraft's, ships, and weapons systems. 
Some of the optics we have helped create have gone toward the research and diagnosis of infections like Covid-19.  
Contact us for help with your next project!
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We believe that it is always important to share knowledge. When everyone shares knowledge and takes time to help educate others, it helps the entire optics community grow together. 
Check out our latest blog post to learn about American Photonics products, history, and new projects:
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Let us know what projects you have going on, what issues you’ve been facing, and how we can help. We are here FOR YOU!
Please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
We do our best to keep you updated about APC's and the industry news, but if you need immediate answers, we're also available through our online chat, in which one of our team associates will assist immediately or through email: 

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