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Instructions for the reverse alignment tool - Installation

Reverse Alignment Tool - American Photonics

Ana Walters |

Instructions for the reverse alignment tool - Installation  

Step 1:  

a- Remove lens tube and insert reverse alignment tool.  

b- Align mirror #3 on the head to mirror #2 on gantry (both near and far until the red dot does not move).  

Step 2:  

a- Align mirror #2 on the gantry to mirror #1 next to the laser (both near and far until the red dot does not move). Mirrors #2 and #3 should be perfectly aligned!  

b- Lock them down and do not touch them again!  

Step 3:  

a- With a tape on mirror #1, mark a target spot where the red dot hits it.  

b- Now remove the alignment tool.  

Step 4:  

a- Adjust the laser tube to hit the target spot on mirror #1 (the tube does not need to be level). 

b- Adjust the front and back supports independently to hit the target spot.  

Step 5:  

a- Reinstall the reverse alignment tool.  

b- Put tape over the laser entry hole on the laser head.  

c- Mark a target spot where the red dot hits the back side of the tape.  

d- Remove the alignment tool.  

Step 6:  

Adjust mirror #1 both near (top nearest corner to the laser tube) and far (farthest corner from the laser tube) to the target spot on the laser head.  


Your alignment is complete!  

An issue you may find with your machine during this process is the four corners of your gantry may not be level. 

When aligning mirror #3, bring it to the front of your machine and then move it to the back.  

If the alignment of your lenses is not perfect, your gantry is not level.

You will need to adjust the four corners of your machine to get your gantry level first. 


Please insert 3 batteries (AG3, LR41, SR736, V36A, or SR41SW), negative end first. 

Battery life should be greater than 20 minutes. 

The output power of this tool is <1mW 


For further questions, please contact American Photonics Customer Service:  or e-chat online.  



Phone: (941) 752-5861

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