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"Hi Steve, what are the top 10 reasons why a lens fails?"

"Hi Steve, what are the top 10 reasons why a lens fails?"

Ana Walters |

Title: Navigating Lens Longevity: Top 10 Reasons and Pro Tips

Hey there, laser aficionados! I've been seeing quite a buzz about lens failures lately, so I thought it's high time we have a heart-to-heart about it. You asked, I'm answering – let's dive right into the top 10 reasons why your lens might throw in the towel, along with some insider tips to keep those lenses kicking!

1. Lens Love-Lacking:

Let's start with a classic – neglecting regular lens cleaning. Think of it like skipping showers – not a good idea for your lens's health or your laser's performance.

2. Water Works Against You:

Water's a blast for pool parties, but in your air assist, it's a no-no. Moisture buildup can fog up your lens and dampen your laser spirits.

3. Grease Grief:

Oil in your air assist? That's like inviting trouble to a laser party. Grease can leave a messy mark on your lens, turning it into a not-so-pretty canvas.

4. Air Assist Absence:

Ever left the house without your keys? Well, leaving off the air assist can lead to your lens overheating – not a fun surprise to come back to.

5. Overzealous Tightening:

Tightening your lens like you're wrestling a bear? Hold on, pal! Over-tightening without an O-ring can deform your lens and lead to a whole lot of laser frustration.

6. The Cleaning Conundrum:

Cleaning with products containing water or dyes is like giving your lens a spa day – if that spa was a mess hall. Stick to lens-friendly cleaners to keep your lens smiling.

7. Beam Alignment Blues:

Poor beam alignment can turn your laser head into a sauna. And trust me, lasers don't do well in saunas. Heat is your enemy here.

8. Handle with Care:

Dropped your phone? Now imagine that, but with your lens. Chipping or dropping it while cleaning is a lens disaster waiting to happen.

9. The Cheapskate Trap:

Oh, the allure of cheap non-laser-grade ZnSe. Resist the temptation! Your laser deserves quality optics, not a bargain-bin lens.

10. The Quality Quandary:

Last but not least, lens quality matters. A lens is only as good as its manufacturing, and skimping on that could lead to a premature lens farewell.

Now, let's talk solutions and upgrades to keep your lens game strong:

  • 1. Good Air Compressor: A trusty air compressor keeps things breezy and efficient.
  • 2. Desiccant Filter or Air Dryer: Bid moisture farewell with a desiccant filter or air dryer.
  • 3. Coalescing Filter: Filter out the junk with a coalescing filter, ensuring clean air for your lens.
  • 4. Automatic Air Assist: Automate air on and off to avoid forgetting – we all have those days!

But here's a little secret for you: American Photonics has an ace up their sleeve – the Easy Clean High-Quality Glued Lens. It's the epitome of quality and coated optic goodness, making your lens dilemmas a thing of the past.

Remember, folks, a little lens love goes a long way. Keep these tips in your laser arsenal, and let's keep those lenses happy and thriving!

Laser love and lens longevity,

Steve Owner, American Photonics

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