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Custom Lens Solutions by American Photonics: Precision, Variety, and Quality

Custom Lens Solutions by American Photonics: Precision, Variety, and Quality

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Custom Lens Solutions by American Photonics: Precision, Variety, and Quality

American Photonics: A Legacy of Optical Excellence Since 2001

American Photonics (APC), a family-owned and operated business, has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the optical solutions industry since 2001. Located in Sarasota, Florida, we take pride in our 100% Made in America ethos. With over 10,000 part numbers available for immediate delivery, our expertise shines in customizing lenses and optics as per client specifications, tackling unique and complex projects that demand precision and creativity.

The Need for the Right Lens

Selecting the perfect lens for your application is more than a choice—it's a necessity. Different lenses have different roles, and at American Photonics, we are well-versed in these diverse needs. Our range is vast, accommodating various applications from research and industrial use to creative projects.

Exploring Lens Types and Applications

Spherical Singlet Lenses:

  • Plano-Convex and Best Form Lenses: Ideal for focusing collimated beams or collimating point sources. Optimal for applications where spherical aberrations are less critical.
  • Bi-Convex Lenses: Best suited for relay imaging or focusing divergent beams, especially when the conjugate ratio ranges between 0.2X - 5X.
  • Plano-Concave and Bi-Concave Lenses: Perfect for diverging collimated beams or collimating convergent beams, used in applications requiring light dispersion.

Achromatic Lenses:

  • Cemented Achromatic Doublets/Triplets: Superb for broadband focusing and collimation, effectively correcting chromatic aberrations. Ideal for enhanced monochromatic performance.
  • Air-Spaced Doublets: Custom-made for high-power applications, offering superior broadband focusing and collimation.

Aspheric Lenses:

  • Specially designed for optimized on-axis performance, these lenses are perfect for laser diode collimation and fiber coupling. Aspheric lens pairs are also adept at relay imaging.

APC’s Tailored Lens Solutions

American Photonics goes beyond mere supply; we engage in a collaborative design and manufacturing process to deliver custom lens solutions. Our capabilities in creating bespoke optics make us stand out in the industry. From unique focal lengths and special coatings to entirely custom designs, our team is adept at bringing your ideas to life.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Each lens we produce is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that every product not only adheres to but surpasses industry standards.

Connect with Us for Custom Projects

Do you have a custom project in mind? Are you looking for a lens tailored to your specific requirements? Reach out to American Photonics. We're dedicated to transforming your optical challenges into successful realities.

Why Meniscus Lenses are the Optimal Choice for Laser Applications

The Superiority of Meniscus Lenses in Laser Optics

Meniscus lenses, with their unique convex-concave structure, play a vital role in various optical systems, particularly in laser applications. At American Photonics, we have an extensive inventory of meniscus lenses, ready for immediate delivery, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality optical components.

Advantages of Meniscus Lenses in Laser Applications:

  • Reduced Spherical Aberration: Crucial in laser systems where precision is key.
  • Enhanced Focus Control: Allows for a more precise and sharp focus.
  • Versatility in Design: Can be adapted to fit a variety of laser applications.
  • Improved Beam Quality: Contributes to a cleaner and more uniform laser beam.

Our Dedication to Quality Standards

Adhering to ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, RoHS, and REACH compliance, we ensure that our manufacturing processes not only meet but exceed the highest standards in quality management and environmental responsibility.

Partner with American Photonics

For your optical needs, especially when it comes to meniscus lenses or any other custom optical solution, American Photonics is here to assist. Our expertise in custom lens manufacturing allows us to provide you with solutions that are not just effective but also innovative.

Contact American Photonics

For inquiries about our meniscus lenses or to discuss a custom optical project, reach out to us at or Partner with us and experience the excellence in optics that American Photonics proudly offers.

American Photonics: Where Innovation Meets Precision in Optics.

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