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Company Profile - Light

Company Profile - Light

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APC can design and produce optics that require soft crystals such as Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Silicon (Si), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Germanium (Ge) and many others. We offer a full range of products for high power, low power, military, medical and customized laser projects. Infrared optics include lenses, windows, mirrors, beam splitters, beam combiners, scan lenses, witness samples, optical assemblies, beam expanders, laser resonator optics and polarizers. APC manufactures optics and components and stocks laser nozzles and accessories which are compatible to OEM specifications as replacement parts for such OEMs as Trumpf®, AMADA®, Mitisubishi®, Mazak® and many others.


The facility includes a 18,000-ft. building that houses state of the art conventional and CNC optical fabrication equipment, inspection equipment, a coating lab with two high capacity 1.4-meter chambers.


Our laser optics and components have applications for
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Medical
• Military
• Aerospace

APC’s attention to quality assures that we deliver exactly what was specified including the exact material specification and the exact dimensional conformance. This results in a very precise, high quality finished product. Our team is committed and dedicated to manufacture and deliver perfection. Laser interferometers allow us to measure surface irregularity better than 1/20 wave and parallelism and angularity to 1.10 arc seconds in the visible. Laser Calorimetry is used to measure absorption of high-power laser optics. Autocollimators, Optical comparators, Spherometers, Optical Standards and surface profilometry are some of the many high-tech instruments APC uses during daily operations. This allows the guaranteed delivery of not only high-quality products, but the required dimensions, specifications and performance of the optics and thin film coatings.


We maintain a large & diverse inventory of CO2 and fiber optics and laser consumables. Our highly knowledgeable and professional sales team will provide you with solutions and fulfill your requests. Below is a list of products we typically keep in stock, please visit our website for more detailed specifications:

ZnSe Meniscus, Plano Concave and Plano Convex Lenses – ZnSe Windows. - Silicon Concave Total Reflectors - Copper and Silicon Mirrors - Molybdenum Mirrors - Concave End Reflectors - Beam Combiners- Beamsplitters - Output Couplers (plano concave and concave convex) -Turning Mirrors - Silicon and Copper Phase Retardation Reflectors. CO2 Laser Optics - Focusing Lenses

We also stock replacement laser nozzles and accessories built to OEM specifications such as Trumpf®, AMADA®, Mitisubishi®, Mazak® and many others.


APC has engineering staff on site to assist with product development. This includes improved designs to existing parts and new product development. Customers provide the demand and initial inquiry for new products and, APC will make the design changes to best meet the customer needs and requests – including reverse engineering.


APC has invested in cutting edge equipment and the most talented people. We are equipped with two very sophisticated, high volume vacuum chambers that deposit multilayer anti-reflection, reflective beam splitter, polarizer, mirror and filter coatings. Our coating performance is measured using an infrared spectrometer which we use to test a sample from each coating batch to confirm the specifications. Every surface is inspected by a highly skilled technician prior to coating and again before shipping.

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