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American Photonics Debuts A New Product Line (Gas Efficient Nozzle) for Laser Cutting Applications

American Photonics Debuts A New Product Line (Gas Efficient Nozzle) for Laser Cutting Applications

Ana Walters |

New & Better than OeM & the right price: New Product Line compatible with Trumpf (R) Laser System 

2228800 - Complete nozzle assembly for EVA nozzle 3.0mm - Compatible for Trumpf(R) Laser Systems - (Single Pack) - Number 6 on Drawing Picture

OEM: Trumpf(R) (Suitable for use with Trumpf(R) Laser Systems

OEM Ref. PN:2228806

The GEN gas-efficient nozzle decreases the amount of turbulence during laser cutting and in turn decreases the amount of slag.

60% lower cutting gas consumption due to optimum gas flow as a result of the special nozzle geometry.

Increase your throughput sheet by up to 100% by combining the High-speed cutting process and the bi-flow nozzle. 

The inner nozzle has been designed to provide a more secure fitting, preventing it from dislodging during cutting. 

Independent sleeve allows continuous contact with the plate during cutting, even when cutting over rough terrain. The Nozzle will significantly save on gas consumption.

APC Part Number:  2228802

OEM #: 2228802
  • Machine OEM: Trumpf
  • Type: Nozzle
  • Diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Machine:
  • Nozzle Material: Copper
  • Standard Copper
  • Sold in boxes of 1



Check links below for price and availability: 

  • Number 1 on Drawing Picture:

2284349 -Sleeve for EVA nozzle 3.0mm - Pack of 10 UNITS


  • Number 2 on Drawing Picture:

2228802 -Nozzle Inner EAV D3.0 - Pack of  10 UNITS


  • Number 3 on Drawing Picture:

2228806 -Nozzle EVA 3.0mm - Single Unit


  • Number 4 on Drawing Picture:

1906032 -Nozzle Holder - Single Unit


  • Number 5 on Drawing Picture:

766719 - 30mm x 5mm Fused Silica Protective Windows - Pack of 5 Units

  • Number 6 on Drawing Picture:

2228800 -Complete nozzle assembly for EVA nozzle 3.0mm - Single Unit



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