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Indium arsenide is a semiconductor material made of arsenic and indium. The semiconductor has a melting point of 942 °C and appears in the form of grey crystals with a cubic structure. It is very similar to gallium arsenide and is a material having a direct bandgap. Indium arsenide is popular for its narrow energy bandgap and high electron mobility.

The applications of indium arsenide are listed below:

 - Indium arsenide is used to construct infrared detectors for a wavelength range of 1–3.8 µm. The detectors are normally photovoltaic photodiodes.

 - Detectors that are cryogenically cooled have low noise but InAs detectors can be used in high-power applications at room temperature also.

 - Diode lasers are also made using indium arsenide.

 - Indium arsenide and gallium arsenide are similar and it is a direct bandgap material.
 - It is used as a terahertz radiation source.

 - It is possible to form quantum dots in a monolayer of indium arsenide on gallium arsenide or indium phosphide

 - It is also possible to form quantum dots in indium gallium arsenide in the form of indium arsenide dots arranged in the gallium arsenide matrix.

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InAs - Indium Arsenide - Safety Data Sheet - SDS

InAs - Indium Arsenide - Safety Data Sheet - SDS 



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